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What’s in a bio? Let’s face it. It’s kind of like speed dating.  I’m supposed to tell you things to trigger your interest in hopes that you might be interested or intrigued enough to stick around and find out more. Well...let’s see how that goes...


  1.  I’ve been a professional photographer for half my life. Go ahead...ask.  I dare you. :)

  2.  I appreciate good grammar and LOVE smart word play.

  3.  Intelligence is sexy...intelligent humor is sexier.

  4.  I’m the behind-the-scenes person most of the time and tend to like it that way.

  5.  I’ve held the Stanley Cup...with my hockey idol, Nick Lidstrom.

  6. TRAVEL!!!  No need to say more.

  7.  I met my best friend the very first day of college.  We’ve been together for...hmmm, that would mean you don’t have to ask (see #1)...let’s say a long time.

  8.  Dance...every chance you get.

  9.  I care.  A lot. 

  10.  Did I mention travel?  Yep, it’s worth listing twice.  My favorite place is Ireland.

  11.  I have a smart, sassy cat named Jade.  Yes, haters, cats can be smart. Most of us only dream we could be that independent and  uncaring about others’ judgment.

  12.  I love ponytails, no makeup and comfy clothes.

  13.  I’m not superstitious, but I believe things happen for a reason. 

  14.  I’ve completed a marathon.  That’s 26.2 miles. Believe me, after 26, point two counts!


And to really make it interesting…

I’m practical with an impulsive streak.  I’m simple in many ways, complex in others.  I’m a planner by nature yet I can be super spontaneous (that practical/impulsive thing),  I’m a social person, but I spend a lot of time alone. I’m an analytical brain with a romantic soul.  In short, I’m an oxymoron.  

(10 bonus points if you immediately noticed that the superstition comment was #13.  One million bonus points with whipped topping and a cherry--ok odd mix, points and whipped cream, but you get the idea-- if you noticed Nick Lidstrom is listed as #5--his jersey number.)

Interested?  If so you can find me here:


Full disclosure - I do NOT live for/on social media, so while I do believe you are important and I will get back to you as soon as I can, it may not be the instant response you’re looking for if it is via Facebook.  I’m a conversationalist--which means in-person and phone calls are preferred, email is acceptable. At least you’ve been warned. :)



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